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Darryl LandstromI grew up in Duluth, Minn., and participated in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined during my youth. This experience taught me valuable life lessons about the importance snow sport, competitions and personal relationships I developed with coaches, athletes and parents. However, being a competitor also required time management necessary to allow me to have time to study, practice, attend competitions and participate in social activities. These skills continue to apply to my family and business today as an adult, and I have my experience in snow sport to thank for this.

I was also fortunate to have a son that embraced alpine ski racing at a very young age. There are many fond memories of the fraternity of families that traveled together every weekend to support their athletes as parents and volunteers. This experience allowed me to engage in a leadership role in the Central Division, Rocky/Central Region and ultimately the Alpine Sport Committee as chair and board representative. Snow sport has always been a passion of mine and the planned giving commitment is my personal “thank you” to the sport I love.